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20 Html Interview Questions For Beginners

Hey, Guys, in this article We coverd up regrading Html interview questions and answers for freshers.We added Html basic questions for an first interview after you completed your Graduation in I.T or Computer.

We added basic level html interview questions and answers for freshers or beginners in this article.

So, read all questions and prepared for your first interview as a fresher after completed your graduation.

List of Html Interview Questions and Answers

(1) What is HTML or Describe HTML?

HTML is HyperText Markup Language. It is widely used script or language in World Wide Web.

HTML also used for creating Webpages of Website. HTML is very easy to learn.


(2) What are file extensions of HTML?

(1) .html or (2) .htm


(3) What are previous versions of HTML?

(1) HTML (2) HTML 2.0 (3) HTML 3.2 (4) HTML 4.01 (5) XHTML and latest one is (6) HTML5.


(4) Howmany elements used for Heading?

(1) <h1> (2) <h2> (3) <h3> (4) <h4> (5) <h5> (6) <h6>.


(5) What is a Tag in HTML?

In HTML, Tag notify the browser that this can be a HTML document. Tag consider all other HTML elements.


(6) Howmany ways to describe !DOCTYPE Declaration in HTML?

(2) <!DOCTYPE html>
(3) <!doctype html>
(4) <!Doctype Html>


(7) Give simple example of HTML Declaration?

// HTML code placed here


(8) Howmany types of lists that can be used in HTML?

(1) Ordered list
(2) Unordered list
(3) Definition list
(4) Menu list
(5) Directory list


(9) Howmany tags to create lists in HTML?

(1) <ol> - ordered list
(2) <ul> - unordered list


(10) Which Tag use in HTML for Line Breaking?

<br />


(11) How can creating Hyper link in HTML?

In a simple way it is <b>Open Link in Same Page</b> <a href="">Find Jankari</a>.
And Other way to <b>Open Link in New Tab</b> <a href="" target="_blank">Find Jankari</a>


(12) How to Add Comments in HTML Page?

<!--- Write Comments Here !--->


(13) How can i create an e-mail link in HTML?

<a href="">Find Jankari</a>


(14) How to Write Marquee Tag in HTML?

<marquee>Marquee text</marquee>


(15) How do you Align a Table in HTML?

(1) <table align="right">
(2) <table align="left">
(3) <table align="center">


(16) How you include CSS in HTML?

(1) External Style Sheet :


It is always comes in head section.
For Example :
<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="StyleSheet.css" />

(2) Internal Style Sheet :


<style type="text/css">

(3) Inline CSS :

It is used when small part or section to be styled in Webpage.


(17) What is the difference between div and frame ?

A <div>is a container for creating grouping and styling, other hand <pre class="prettyprint"><frame>  creates divisions in a web page.


(18) File Upload Code in HTML?

<title>File Upload Code</title>
<form action="upload.php" enctype="multipart/form-data" method="post">
Select File to upload : <input name="upload" type="file" />
<input type="submit" value="Upload" name="submit">


(19) What is Cellspacing And Cellpadding in HTML?

Cellspacing :

The cellspacing refers the space and pixels between cells.

For Example : <table cellspacing="20">

Cellpadding :

The cellpadding refers the space and pixels between cell and cell content.

For Example : <table cellpadding="20">


(20) What is Colspan and Rowspan in Table of HTML?

Colspan :

The colspan is the number of columns a cell should span in Table.

For Example :

    <td colspan="2">Total</td>


Rowspan :

The rowspan refers the number of rows a cell should span in Table.

For Example :

    <td rowspan="2">Total</td>

Thank you for reading basic questions and answers regarding of HTML. We also added PHP interview questions on our website. I hope you also see that questions and answers. 🙂

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