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4+ Superb WordPress Security Plugins to Protect Websites

Now a days, all bloggers and users are more concentrate on security or keep them websites malware free. As per serve over 30,000 websites hacked in a week. So, thinking on this i written this article on wordpress security plugins for your wordpress blogs and websites.

If you have blog on wordpress then you must have to download and install at least one security plugin in your blog. It keeps websites from hack, malware free, high security and improve website performance.

WordPress Security Plugins for Securing Websites, Blogs

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Wordfence Security :

Wordfence Security is one of the best security plugin for wordpress in all other wordpress plugins list. It regularly or set time duration scan your website and also used for multiple websites also. Wordfence is all time favorite security wordpress plugin for all wordpress bloggers or users.

It keeps your website healthy from malicious code or brute force hacks. This plugin gives you wordpress login security feature. Almost all themes and plugins supported. You can see hack attempts or login lockdown in real time.

Features :

  • Two Factor Authentication, Firewall
  • Best Blocking Functions
  • Security Scanning
  • Real Time View Traffic
  • IPV6, Free to Use
  • Over 2 million Active Installs

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All in One WP Security & Firewall :

Security plugin for wordpress is protect your website from vulnerable software or malware codes. It increase your website performance and speed. This plugins also scan your website Posts, Comments, Pages etc.

It also disable right click, copy and select text on front end side. You can Import and Export Security Settings in this plugin. It available in multi-languages and also prevents or remove hacked files security purpose.

Features :

  • Login Lockdown Features
  • User Login and Register Security
  • Database and Files Security
  • Firewall and Blacklist Features
  • Up to date with new Updates
  • Backup and Restore Functionality

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iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security) :

iThemes Security is also very popular and one of the best security plugin for wordpress. It’s available in Free and Pro Versions with over 30+ different ways to protect websites. Over 800,000 active installations of this plugin.

It compatibles for multiple websites as well as one website also. Easily take backups and restore of database. This plugin secure website into next level like change database prefix, create multiple accounts, change folder path or urls, redirect 404 errors, email notification in case lots of failed login occurs.

Features :

  • Compatible with Apache, NGINX Server
  • Virus scanning schedule for websites
  • Google reCAPTCHA, User Security
  • Banned particular Users (Spammers) and IP Address
  • Full installation video and documentation
  • Disable Theme, Plugins or WordPress update not accessible users

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Limit Login Attempts :

Here, another frequently used wordpress login security plugin by all bloggers. It not updated from last 2 years but still favorite of all wordpress bloggers. Over 2+ millions of active installs on wordpress websites now a days also.

This plugin restricted on login attempts (Put limit on login like 2 or 3 failed login it blocked you for some time like 5,10 or 20 minutes). It use cookies for authentication. Available in multiple languages.

Features :

  • Email Notifications
  • Set limit for individual IPs
  • White and Black list Filter

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Sucuri Security :

This security wordpress plugin is free to use for all users. Over 300,000 active installs and tested up to latest version of WordPress. Full Video Documentation and Support is very active. It gives security alerts if something wrong activities done on your website.

Features :

  • Website Firewall and Scanning
  • File Integrity Security
  • Blacklist and Notification Features

I hope you download and installed one security wordpress plugin for your website and blog. If i missed any security plugin then let me know in comment. 🙂

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