wordpress installation tutorial for beginners

Best Free WordPress Installation Tutorial for Beginners

This is Basic and Free WordPress Installation Tutorial to teach you how to install wordpress and what is wordpress?. Full guide or step by step wordpress installation for your new Blog and Website.

In this tutorial you will learn how to use wordpress on your computer. Sometimes newbie blogger ask us that how to install wordpress on my server or localhost. So, please kindly see below full procedure.

First of all you have XAMPP or WAMP Server in your computer.

Without XAMPP or WAMP Server you can not Run any Scripts.

So, First You Download One Server from Internet.

Step of WordPress Installation Tutorial

We Installed XAMPP Server. In XAMPP Server you have to go with Path : xampp > htdocs > mysite (Your Website Folder Name)

That is Shown in This Image.


Step : 2

Go to Google or Yahoo and Search WordPress Download.

Go with link : “https://wordpress.org/download/”

Download WordPress From Here.


Step : 3

Download WordPress From Here.

You can Download in Both Format. (1) .zip , (2) .tar.gz


Step : 4

After Download WordPress you have Copy and Paste that .zip file in mysite Folder.


Step : 5

You have to Extract that .zip file.

After Extract you see “WordPress” Folder.


Step : 6

Then go to that folder and Select all files and Copy and Paste all files into ROOT Folder.

Means mysite Folder is your (ROOT Folder).


Step : 7

After that you have to Go Browser side and Create New Database.

Link : localhost > phpmyadmin


Step : 8

After Creating Database Success Full.

Open a New Tab and Write ” localhost/mysite ” That Means Your Site Folder Name. That You have created in htdocs Folder.


Step : 9

After Continue you come to this page.

In this page Fill-Up only First 3 Fields.

Database Name that you have to given in “localhost/phpmyadmin”


Step : 10

Then Click to Continue and you reach on this page.

Fill Up all details here.


Step : 11

Fill Up All Details and Click on Install WordPress Button.

Then After you reach this page. That means your WordPress Installed Successfully.


Step : 12

Click on Login Button.

At here you have to insert USER NAME and PASSWORD.


Step : 13

After Successfull login you come at Dashboard Page.

This is Your Website Dashboard Page.

So many things see here like Posts, Pages, Plugins etc..


Step : 14

This is Your Website Home Page.

This Page is Without any Theme Installed. It is Basic Theme page.


Download WordPress Tutorial Pdf

Video of installing wordpress on server

Do like this Free WordPress Installation Tutorial? We will put WordPress Plugins and Themes Tutorials also. So, Stay Tune With our Website. Thank You 🙂


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    Thank you for sharing in depth installation solution. It will help for new bloggers as well as that person who want to make blog on wordpress.

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