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What is WordPress and How To Use WordPress

In this Article we talking about WordPress.Org and wordpress.com

WordPress is an open source website development tool which is written in PHP and MYSQL. Now a days WordPress is fastest growing and popular CMS.

WordPress is most popular CMS for creating and managing websites like Blog, Business, Wedding, Constructing Company Websites this all are make in WordPress.

Things includes in normal WordPress Website that describe below :

WordPress Themes :

  • WordPress users install themes for your Website or Blog.
  • WordPress themes allows developers to change the looks, user interface and functionality of a website.
  • WordPress stands with PHP, valid HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).
  • WordPress themes always show in Appearance in admin side.
  • WordPress Comes with Three basic Themes.
  • Check out our WordPress Install Themes Video for Beginners.

WordPress Plugins or Widgets :

  • WordPress plugin allows the developers to increase User interface features and functionality of a his/her website or blog.
  • WordPress have over 43,632 plugins with 1,210,372,675 total downloads.
  • In WordPress Plugins have too many categories like Social, Slider, Gallery, Woocommerce, Portfolio or etc.
  • WordPress Organization encourages it’s developers to submit and develop plugin either free or paid also.
  • WordPress Other features :

    WordPress Pages, Posts edited in HTML with using the visual editor with number of customizing features.

    WordPress Fully Mobile Friendly and Responsive for any devices.

    WordPress.com – Free Website or Blog Creating Tool

    • You can also create free Website and Blog on wordpress.com
    • It provides free hosting and free support for your Website or Blog.
    • wordpress.com gives you lots of Themes and Designs.
    • It also gives you Custom Domain Name and you easily configure it.
    • Custom Domain like my Domain Name : yuvrajraj.wordpress.com
    • SEO friendly and Search Engine compitible like Goole, Yahoo, Bing etc and it is Easy To Use.
    • Millions in Users you wordpress.com for Small Business Website, Portfolio and also Blog.
    • It is also available in Mobile App for ios and android.
    • In this WordPress Version for ios is 6.1 and for android is 5.2 on both App Store.
    • Lots of WordPress Tutorials available on Internet.

    I hope you would like it. If you have any question about WordPress Install Themes then we also put Videos about that. So, check it you will understand from videos. 🙂

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